About us

After years of competition experiences I decided in 2015 to improve my rods. Everytime I was crazy with the screw behind my reel. Its long, its slow and sometimes I couldnt ease. After a few months developing I finished first prototype. This solution is in my opinion the best looking and working also. Fixation by Springer allow you to change your reel easy. Every piece is made from the best material what is possible to use, because the idea of this project is to make the best reel seats without compromises!

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The best quality, no compromisses

Springer is made in Czech republic and only from the best materials. We make somethink special...

  • Alloy 7075Hardest alloy for main components treated by hard anodizing

    Both main parts have a surface treatment - hard anodizind, the hardest surface possible to make. In combination wiht Alloy 7075 you will never destroy this important pieces.

  • Stainless steelStable axe in all condition

    Axe is the most important part of Springer, because its necessary to keep the axe without rust. Thats why we decided for stainless steel 440B which is hard, stable and stainless mainly.

  • Bronze Precision dimensions for movement

    Using bronze is the best solution for contact with steel. All the components are stainless and work well together. These pieces have really precision dimensions.

  • Technical resign made in USASeat for eternity

    For seat material we use a technical resign made in USA. The only material which never change colour, structure, dimensions and is really atractive.